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Manage My STR designs, develops, and operates short-term rental properties. Whether you want to start a new project, analyze property potential, upgrade your rental property, or improve the operation efficiency, work with us to achieve happier clients & higher returns!

Short-Term Rental Property Analysis

Once you’ve decided on a market, you’ll need to know what to look for in a potential STR. The most important question to ask is: What type of property has the highest return? We will help you explore the answers to that question.

Laws, Licenses, & Taxes

When deciding whether to become an Airbnb host, it’s important for you to understand the laws in your city. We will teach you the questions to ask and items to check out before buying, such as state and local short-term rental regulations and taxes.

Lead Generation

Manage My STR helps you generate and close more leads, growing your real estate business. We have real estate investors looking to expand their short term rental portfolio.

Short-Term Rental Property Management

Our full-service short-term rental property management enables your clients to achieve higher yields through shorter stays. We handle guest communications, maintenance & repairs, marketing, and so much more.

Design & Furnishing

We are constantly thinking about one thing: how to give our clients the most visually appealing space so they can generate the highest return for the least amount of capital. Relax, we’ll take care of the furnishing and design on your behalf.

Support for new Hosts

We help with all the logistics, from welcoming guests to cleaning and maintenance. Manage My STR works hand-in-hand with you and your clients to purchase the perfect home, create the perfect listing, and support them at every step of the way.

Stress-free Short Term Rental

What Your Clients Can Expect

Like you, we’re professionals at what we do.  Our streamlined system has been developed over 25 years to help homeowners and investors avoid costly mistakes, minimize inefficiencies, and maximize rental revenue.  Our business is leasing and managing properties.  We leave the selling up to you.  Together, homeowners get a full-service, first class solution.

STR Market & Property Analysis​

Gain valuable insights on the performance of your market and understand exactly how the short-term rental industry is evolving.

Comprehensive Marketing & Advertising

Take advantage of our superior online ranking and profile (Airbnb & VRBO) as well as our best in class photography and marketing tools.

Full-Service Property Management

We take care of the entire short term rental process including optimizing your property across booking platforms, managing the entire guest experience, performing cleaning between stays, and everything else.

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Codey Joyner

UrbanAcres, LLC


“I’m glad I chose Manage My STR. Dave and his team deliver excellent service. Everything is transparent, professional and straightforward.”

Eren Hill

H&H Legal Partners


“Manage My STR provided a very professional service when we purchased our first short-term rental last month. They were easy to work with and handled everything on time.”

Emanuel Sadler



“Manage My STR is a lifesaver. The team is extremely humble and consistently blows my mind by under-promising, yet over-delivering on amazing results for my clients.”

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Real Estate Agents looking for increased commissions can team up with Manage My STR for a win-win (we charge you $0). Offering a hot new monetization method ensures that you’re providing a full suite of services to your clients (your competitors are already offering it!).

Manage My STR can help expertly manage the Short-term Rentals post-purchase, making you the one-stop-shop for your client’s needs.

We have many clients who are looking to buy homes, these are great leads for Brokers and Realtors. Our tenants ask us for referrals to agents and realtors all the time, and we refer these leads to you. This is part of our partnership.

Our Property Managemers offer Short-Term and Vacation Rental Property Management Services for homeowners and hosts. Our services allow you to turn your property into passive income, while we work to manage everything for you, year-round.

You can also use our services when needed – like to go on vacation or take a short break from managing things yourself. We are experts at property management and will make sure your guests are welcomed and taken care of exactly as you would.

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