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Checklist for Cleaning Your Short-Term Rental

Checklist for Cleaning Your Short-Term Rental

Ultimate Airbnb Cleaning Checklist


Cleaning your property is a very important part of owning a vacation rental. You could have a beautiful property, but if it is unclean and unkempt, that will take away from the appeal. When cleaning your rental, you want to make sure your cleaning team doesn’t miss a step. To assist in this, we’ve provided an Airbnb cleaning checklist as well as some tips and products to use in each part of your property.

What Is an Airbnb Cleaning Checklist?


It is no surprise that one of the most important components influencing a vacation rental guest’s experience is the property’s overall cleanliness. This is where an Airbnb cleaning checklist comes in.

An Airbnb house cleaning checklist is a physical or digital list of tasks for hosts or cleaning services to complete in between guests’ stays.

Whether you manage a bed and breakfast, a cabin, or any other type of holiday home, cleaning can be quite a chore. To make the task easier, use a vacation rental cleaning checklist to help ensure happy guests and more positive reviews every time.

Example Housekeeping Checklist Template for Airbnb
Below, we’ve provided an Airbnb cleaning checklist template for each main room in a short-term rental. Use these vacation rental checklist templates as you clean your property, or give it to your professional cleaner.

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List of Items for Launching Your Short Term Rental

List of Items for Launching Your Short Term Rental

Prepped to Please


Just like any business venture, there’s planning, preparation, and good ol’ fashioned hard work that goes into making every vacation home rental ‘guest-ready.’ As a property manager, you’re not just handing over the keys to a roof over guests’ heads; you’re responsible for shaping their whole experience. Chances are, you’d like to shape an enjoyable one at that.

While there are many great ways to provide the best stay for your guests, when it comes to buying certain household items, you’ll want to have all your bases covered.

There’s always room for you to create a 5-star Airbnb experience, and that power lies beyond
mini-shampoos. By making sure your Airbnb listings are stacked with the essentials, not only will your guests feel taken care of – they will also be much more likely to leave you a stellar review. Happy, comfortable guests = positive reviews = more bookings, and better yet, repeat business!


01. The Bathroom

To rival the best hotels around, be sure to keep your properties stocked with these bathroom basics that most travelers leave back home:

○ Bath Towels (2 per guest)
○ Beach Towels (if relevant)
○ Towel Hooks
○ Toilet Paper
○ Feminine Products
○ Hair Dryer
○ Magnified Makeup Mirror
○ Shower Hanger (for toiletries)
○ Toiletries (buy in bulk)
○ Hand Soap
○ Shampoo
○ Conditioner
○ Body Wash
○ Combs
○ Toothpaste
○ Disposable Toothbrush
○ Disposable Razors
○ Body Lotion


02. Sleeping Quarters

Guests tend to be quite specific when it comes to their slumber, so be sure your sleeping areas are complete with these bedroom staples.

○ Bed Linens and Pillows (for laundering & restocking linen services)
○ Extra Linens, Blankets, and Pillows
○ Air Con, Heater, and/or Fan
○ Garbage Bin
○ A Box of Tissues
○ Pen & Note Pad
○ Bedside Table
○ Bedside Lamp
○ Foot Rug
○ Alarm Clock
○ Dresser and/or Shelves (at least one unit)
○ Safe for Passports and Valuables
○ Disposable Ear Plugs


03. The Grub Hub

The kitchen is a hub of action where everyone tends to convene, so staying stocked on these goods will keep your guests happy, fed, and hopefully tidy as well.

○ Teas & Instant Coffee
○ Tea Kettle / Water Heater
○ Milk
○ Salt & Pepper
○ Sugar & Sweetener
○ Butter
○ Dishes, Cups, and Silverware
(at least one set of two for every 2 guests)
○ Pots and Pans
○ Extra Light Bulbs
○ Tupperware
○ Cleaning Supplies (buy in bulk)
○ Hand Soap
○ Dishwashing Liquid
○ Carpet Cleaner
○ All-Purpose Cleaner
○ Bleach
○ Disinfectant
○ Trash Bags
○ Broom
○ Dustpan


04. The Lounge

This is where your guests will really kick off their shoes and relax, so keeping the lounge areas equipped with these goods will allow guests to really feel like they’re at home.

○ Books and Magazines
○ Full-Length Mirror
○ Desk or Workspace
○ Coloring Books and Crayons
○ Pens and Pencils
○ Playing Cards and Board Games


05. A Little Something Extra

Guests really appreciate when you go that extra mile and keep your accommodations stocked with those extras that go beyond the basics to really provide a personalized experience.

○ Washing Machine
○ Dryer or Clothing Rack
○ Cable
○ DVD/Blu-Ray Assortment
○ Smart TV
(so guests can sign in to their streaming accounts)
○ Clothing Iron and Ironing Board
○ Adaptors
○ Free WiFi
○ Bluetooth Speakers
○ Keyless Entry System
○ Universal Charger
○ Smart Thermostat
○ Bathrobes
○ Slippers
○ Complimentary Bottle of Wine
○ Personalized Welcome Note


06. Better Safe Than Sorry

Providing these items might mean going the extra mile, but think of how pleased your guests will be when you can respond to their inquiries with a ‘Yep, it’s in there.’

○ Functioning Smoke Detector
○ Fire Extinguisher
○ First Aid Kit (buy in bulk)
○ Emergency Numbers
○ Absorbent Compress Dressings
○ Sterile Gauze Pads
○ Triangular Bandages
○ Roller Bandages
○ Adhesive Bandages
○ Adhesive Cloth Tape
○ Scissors
○ Antiseptic Wipes
○ Antibiotic Ointment
○ Hydrocortisone Ointment
○ Instant Cold Compress
○ Non-Latex Gloves
○ Tweezers
○ Thermometer


Five-Star Ready

Hopefully, this checklist will help you ensure that no details slip through the cracks, as well as provide you with some new ideas of what you can add to your Airbnb listings to make them the ultimate home-away-from-home for your guests. Guaranteeing that your guests have exactly what they need (and more!) will set the tone for a positive travel experience, and will ultimately help you stand out from the crowd.

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